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LaSmarthomes.comSmart Home is the term commonly used to define a residence that uses a central device to automate parts of the residence. The most popular uses are control of lights, heating & cooling, and audio visual equipment or home theaters. Previously, home automation home could be an expensive undertaking but off the shelf technologies available today from manufacturers like ZWave, Insteon and X10 are making it easier and easier to add more features and security around the house.  One of the most powerful aspects of a smart home is not only the comfort and convenience from having 1 button on a remote dim the lights, close the blinds and turn on the television; but the additional peace of mind it affords by being able to remotely monitor it, or monitor power usage and live a more green lifestyle.


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LaSmarthomes.com was started by Langston Ball, licensed general contractor (b895680 ) in California after noticing a trend in many homes that he did work on. From custom outdoor landscapes with custom controls to interior work with everything from L.E.D. lighting to fiber optics, one thing stood out after the finished job. In most cases, there was no easy way to centrally control all of these devices. They require multiple stationary remotes or control stations and require the homeowner to be familiar with a lot of different electronics. In addition to that, Langston has done an increasing amount of home networking and central av installations as broadband and digital television have become increasingly popular.

Our goal at LaSmarthomes.com is to alleviate the headaches that can come with moving into the 21st century, and let you reap the benefits. There is a wide range of technology out there that we can leverage at an affordable price to bring you the most enjoyable experience possible in one of your biggest investments.


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